Meeting of the French and Belgian Clergy with Archbishop Vercammen

For the second time, clergy of the Old Catholic parishes of France and Belgium met with Archbishop Vercammen and Father Jean-Claude Mokry from Geneva in the Abbey of Mardesous from 25th to 26th June 2010.

 After a general exchange about church life in the various communities, the participants were introduced to the course ‚Christkatholisch zum Mitreden’ (‘Old Catholicism to have a say in’). It was decided that a training seminar would be organised on 1st and 2nd  November in the vicinity of Lyon. One to two members from each community would be encouraged to participate.

On Saturday morning a paper was presented outlining the present day situation and future perspectives of the ‚Mission vieille-catholique francophone’ – MIVICAF – (Old Catholic francophone Mission). The paper was also presented and discussed at the International Old Catholic Bishops’ Conference from 13th to 17th June in Wislikofen/CH. The new statutes of the MIVICAF were presented for discussion, amendment and agreement. An extraordinary meeting is planned for autumn 2010 where the new statutes would be definitively agreed.

The next meeting is planned for 26th-27th November in Belgium.


Geneva, 29th June 2010

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