The Netherlands

At the Old Catholic Seminary, the Ecclesiastical Education of the Old Catholic Church of the Netherlands can be followed. The Seminary dates back to 1725 and has cooperated with the Theological Faculty of Utrecht University since 1969. It is currently located at the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies (within the Faculty of Humanities) of Utrecht University. At the seminary, students from a variety of backgrounds are trained or retrained in Old Catholic theology, mainly (but not exclusively) with a view to pastoral ministry in or from the Old Catholic Church of the Netherlands. In addition, a number of listeners attend the lectures out of personal interest.

The ecclesiastical training of the Old Catholic Church of the Netherlands provides pastoral training for future pastors in the church and must be seen as an addition to general theological training at a university. It does not offer full theological training, but only subjects that relate specifically to the Old Catholic Church and theology on the one hand and to concrete preparation for the position of minister on the other. Before or at the same time as studying at Old Catholic Seminary, one must therefore complete or have completed a general theological course at a university. A “broad” theological education (with biblical, historical, systematic and social science subjects) is strongly preferred.

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Photo: Oud-Katholiek Seminarie