Meeting with representatives of the Anglican Communion Office


The bureau of the International Old Catholic Bishops’ Conference is grateful for the visit of The Revd Canon Dr Alyson Barnett-Cowan from the Anglican Communion Office, who provided us with information on the various ecumenical dialogues of the Anglican Communion. It was agreed that the Anglican and the Old Catholic Churches should notify each other of dialogues in which they are involved, and of the outcomes of these dialogues. Delegates from each Church will also be sent to observe the dialogue commissions of the other.


The most recent version of AOCICC’s paper on ecclesiology and mission was also discussed. The text will be published in the Internationae Kirchliche Zeitschrift and on the website of the Union of Utrecht. It will be presented to the International Bishops’ Conference in June 2012.


January 2012

Maja Weyermann

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