Communiqué of the IBC

The Meeting of Anglican and Old Catholic Bishops in Continental Europe, which took place in Prague this year, began on Monday evening, 17 June, with an exchange on the current situation of the churches. The Anglican and Old Catholic bishops celebrated Eucharist together on Tuesday morning in the Old Catholic Cathedral of St Lawrence. They then continued their exchange and in-depth discussions on various topics, such as cooperation at a local level.

From Tuesday June 18 to Thursday June 20, the International Old Catholic Bishops’ Conference (IBC) held its annual meeting, with Swiss Bishop-elect Frank Bangerter attending the conference for the first time.

“Church, environment and sustainability” was one of the two main topics of this year’s IBC, the other being the possible accession to the “Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification”, which was concluded between the Lutheran World Federation and the Roman-Catholic Church in 1999.

The official communiqué of the meeting can be downloaded here.

Photo: © 2024 International Old Catholic Bishops’ Conference
From left to right: Bishop Andrzej Gontarek, Bishop Pavel Stránský, Bishop Maria Kubin, Bishop Dirk Jan Schoon, Bishop Matthias Ring, Archbishop Bernd Wallet, Bishop electus Frank Bangerer