Collaboration with the Ecumenical Institute of Bossey

The Ecumenical Institute of Bossey is the international meeting centre for dialogue and education of the World Council of Churches. It brings together people from diverse churches, cultures and backgrounds for learning together, academic study and personal exchange.

Old Catholic theologian Dr. Hans-Jürgen van der Minde, who lectures at the Old Catholic Seminary in Bonn, conducted a workshop on Biblical Hermeneutics as a guest lecturer in Bossey in the autumn semester of 2011. Once a fortnight, he undertook the long journey to Switzerland to work with a group of 30 to 35 students of theology from all over the world. He was impressed by the learning environment and the variety of approaches applied. In light of the students’ backgrounds, the workshop focused more on practical than on intellectual aspects. The intercultural reading resulted from the students sharing their different approaches to the Bible. Several Bible passages were examined from the perspectives of narrative, liberation theology, feminism and depth psychology.

Dr. van der Minde reports that this ecumenical collaboration was extremely fulfilling and successful for everyone involved.


Bern, January 2012

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