Four bishops for Poland

On Tuesday 13 June 2023, the Synod of the Polish Catholic Church took place in Konstancin Jeziornia. The Synod focused on the election of new bishops.  


Two of the three sees had been vacant for a long time. After the death of Bishop Wiktor Wysoczański on 27 April this year, who as Bishop of Warsaw was also the Leading Bishop, all the sees had become vacant. 


The Synod elected diocesan bishops as well as an auxiliary bishop for Warsaw and the leading bishop: as bishop of Warsaw and leading bishop of the Polish Catholic Church Andrzej Gontarek, as bishop for the diocese of Kraków-Czestochowa Antoni Norman and as bishop of the diocese of Wrocław Stanisław Bosy. In addition, Henryk Dąbrowski was elected auxiliary bishop for the diocese of Warsaw.  


The Synodal Council of the Polish Catholic Church will decide on a possible consecration date for the new bishops on 30 June 2023.

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