Concrete Directions to follow when Bishops or Communities search for contacts with the Union of Utrecht

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1. When communities or bishops wish to make contact with the Union of Utrecht, they have to apply in writing or per E-mail to the Archbishop of Utrecht.

2. Only when these communities or bishops applied in writing or per E-mail to the Archbishop of Utrecht they will receive an answer of his secretariat. The secretariat will inform them about the regular procedure which implies that they need to contact the Dean of the Metropolitan Chapter of Utrecht. The Dean will invite them to meet him personally. The Archbishop of Utrecht will neither meet them personally nor sign a letter to them.

3. Referring to each contact the Dean of the Metropolitan Chapter of Utrecht will produce a short report of his personal findings for the Archbishop of Utrecht.

4. The report of the Dean will be presented to the Buro of the IBC for further assessment. An unfavourable judgement will result in no further investment of time in the contacts with the community or the involved person. As soon as they apply to the Archbishop again in writing or per E-mail they will be informed of the refusal.

5. When the judgement of the Dean is positive and the community or its leadership contacts the Archbishop of Utrecht again, the secretariat will inform them that they can formally request to enter into an official relationship with the Union of Utrecht.

6. The Buro of the IBC will go over the request, obtain more information concerning the backgrounds, structure, theological identity etc. of the community and its leadership and will prepare a report for the IBC.

7. A favourable judgement of the obtained information by the IBC will result in following further procedures. Normally the request for an official relationship will be put on the agenda of the next annual meeting of the IBC. First and only in this last phase, the Archbishop of Utrecht will personally meet this involved community.

Address to contact:
Archbishop of Utrecht
Dr. Joris Vercammen
Kon. Wilhelminalaan 3
NL-3818 HN Amersfoort
E-mail: abvu@okkn.nl

December 2001

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