In Memoriam Antonius Jan Glazemaker 1931-2018

In Memoriam Antonius Jan Glazemaker 1931-2018Archbishop emeritus Antonius Jan Glazemaker died in Amersfoort on Saturday, 20th January 2018, aged 86.

Archbishop Glazemaker was not a man of high-flown theories, his feet were always firmly rooted in the ground (he spoke openly of his farming background); and he was a man of the people. In his sermons, he would often link the biblical texts to ... read more >>

Enthusiasm for the Utrecht and Uppsala Agreement.

Last Saturday, in a well-filled St. Gertrudis Cathedral in Utrecht, we celebrated the unity between the Church of Sweden and the ... read more >>

"Lift your head from the water!"

This year the "Conference of Secretaries of Christian World Communions", to give the official English title, met from 6th to 10th ... read more >>



Welcome to the website of the Old Catholic Churches of the Union of Utrecht. This union is a family of nationally organised Catholic Churches that hold fast to the beliefs and practices of the early undivided Church, without rigidly adhering to the past. They aim to retain what is good while being open to the renewal of church and spiritual life. The member Churches have an episcopal-synodical structure. At the international level, their bishops work together in the International Old Catholic Bishops’ Conference (IBC). In agreement with the member Churches, this body is concerned with all aspects of church life and teaching and for ecumenical relations, without interfering in the jurisdiction of the Churches themselves.

On this website you will find documents, background information and reports from the IBC and the member Churches.

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